About Us

We are Antoine Kaiserman (Tenor), Tim Briggs (Lead), Andy Allen (Baritone) and Duncan Blackeby (Bass), and we met through singing with the national barbershop Youth Chorus in 2008. We always had a dream we would one day sing together and love making music when we get together.

The Emerald Guard have been singing together since 2012, and were delighted to have been crowned UK Gold medallists in 2013. Since 2013, we have been working towards appearing in international competition and were delighted to place 35th in Pittsburgh in 2015.

Away from competition, we have appeared in a production of the Music Man, we have performed at weddings of friends, appeared on shows for our national association, and for the Ladies Association of British Barbershop singers. We’ve also sung at weddings and parties. We’ve also appeared on Radio,

We are lucky to be working with some of the finest British acapella and barbershop arrangers that give us our unique style as a quartet, and have given us a number of ‘exclusives’ in our time together.